Fintech Concepthon Berlin,
Monday, February 29, 2016 at nhow Hotel Berlin, Germany

What is a Concepthon

Learn about the newest technology trends and biggest questionmarks out there

Mingle with the brightest minds in academia, business and IT Groupthink about how to implement some cool new ideas in Fintech Consult with other peers on how to move forward in collaboration

We use the principles and methods of Design Thinking to come up with new concepts how to tackle the biggest questionsmarks

For whom is the Concepthon

  • Academia (professors, PhD students, graduate students) from the research areas of software engineering, mathematics, financial industry, innovation and entrepreneurship
  • Independent experts on the topics of Fintech, blockchain, currencies, payments, legal regulations ...
  • Representatives from traditional banks and insurance corporations either as business or technology expert
  • Hottest Fintech startups in Berlin, Germany, Europe and all around the world
  • Fintech enablers (those who bring a network or technology to the table)

Top 3 questions of the financial and Fintech community

Where and how could innovative Fintech start-ups tie up with traditional financial institutions?

What is the right technology foundation to enable real-time payment within the PSD II framework?

Everything is talking about the blockchain? How could the economic value be unlocked in a fast manner (or be monetized) and introduced in the European marketplace?


Fintech Concepthon Berlin, Monday, February 29, 2016 at nhow Hotel Berlin, Germany

Time Programme
08:15 Meet and Greet
09:30 Presenting the Concept of the Concepthon
10:30 Concepthon Session 1 - ObserveConcepthon Session 1 - Observe
12:00 Lunch
13:00 Concepthon Session 2 - Understand
13:30 Concepthon Session 3 - Create
15:00 Networking and refreshments
15:30 Concepthon Session 4 - Present
16:10 Presenting the 3x shortlisted winners
16:20 Closing comments on FinTech
16:30 Networking & Canapes

Attendance Policy and Contact Data

Should you have any queries regarding Fintech Concepthon Berlin, Reach us directly on Gurpreet Binning( or Alexander Renneberg (

Sorry, the event has passed. We look forward to having you with us next year. Meanwhile, you could visit our website or drop us a note and we'll be happy to help.