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Enterprises today are on a mission. A mission to battle the deluge of data and information and achieve excellence in the digital marketplace. Creating value from analytics, automation, social media, and innovative business models is now top priority. And that is why we bring to you Intellect Incorporated. So, go ahead and explore our unique collection of best practices, business models, and analyses and let us enable you to achieve this mission.

BPO Journal

BPO Future Forward,' the Infosys BPO Journal, showcases our thought leadership in business process outsourcing. The journal discusses industry trends, shares perspectives, and explores co-creation strategies with customers and stakeholders.

We share our journal with customers, prospects, analysts and the media. Our thought papers are frequently quoted by the global media and industry forums such as Nasscom, the premier trade body and the chamber of commerce of the IT and BPO industries in India.

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Get the latest trends, views, and insights on technology, operations, and business models from Industry veterans at Infosys BPO shared on Forbes India.

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