Delivering on innovation involves more than just implementing the right technology. It is about providing a seamless, engaging customer experience, monetizing data in a data driven decision making culture and leveraging fast, flexible and future proofed enterprise digital platforms. At Retail’s Big Show 2015, Infosys will demonstrate through its showcase how you can make this happen.

  • Future of customer experience
    Customers today are demanding a seamless experience as their physical and digital worlds converge. Therefore, it is critical for retailers to leverage all forms of innovation to decipher and deliver on customers’ needs and expectations.

    Experience our seamless, engaging customer experience delivered as we leverage proximity-sensing (iBeacons), wearables (Google Glass) and Internet of Things (Connected Vending Machine) to demonstrate retail use cases for shoppers as well as store associates.
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  • Monetize data
    Retailers are spoilt for choice today as big data has become easily available. Its true value lies not in the fact that it is widely accessible, but in mining it in a non-intrusive manner to derive meaningful, actionable insights that coherently link the customer’s journey from interest to conversion and even post-purchase customer service.

    Experience the Infosys Information Platform, which provides Retailers significant capabilities to rapidly process massive amounts of data to gain meaningful, actionable insights and enable data–driven decision making. Understand how we deliver measurable value to clients through differentiated analytics, big data, and experienced data science talent backed by a strong technology foundation.
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  • Enterprise Digital Platforms
    A retailer who wants to capitalize on the digital wave sweeping across the landscape needs to address all aspects – from adopting the latest technology and changing the internal cultural mindset, to ensuring an integrated omni-channel experience for the customer. Investing in a flexible and responsive platform that allows the retailer to support the customers’ journey – from interest to post-purchase servicing – becomes an imperative. The convergence of these aspects to deliver value across the sense-influence-fulfill-serve continuum, to both the company and the customer, will determine tomorrow’s winners.

    • BrandEdge
      BrandEdgeaddresses the digital marketing needs of global organizations – from building digital assets and launching marketing campaigns to listening, analyzing, and acting on customer insights.
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    • InteractEdge
      InteractEdge helps retailers create, manage, democratize access to content, personalize recommendation of content and products, and finally provides transaction capability from anywhere and to anyone.

    • AssistEdge
      AssistEdge provides an integrated and intelligent customer service experience across customer contact channels, and transforms contact centers from issue resolution centers to revenue-generating units.
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