Amplifying the
human experience

Retail is on the cusp of a revolution – from buying to selling, establishing to managing stores, and experiential marketing to bespoke customer service. Customers will spearhead this revolution, which will be further amplified by technology.

You need to ‘sense and respond’ to the needs of digital natives whose purchase behavior is being influenced by feedback on social media and price comparison apps. The path to purchase is rapidly shifting across locations, and is being driven by self-realization and personalization.

Retailers can deliver immersive shopping experiences by capitalizing on artificial intelligence, automation, digital technologies, and analytics. Infosys can help you rethink your retail strategy for delivering engaging and personalized shopping experiences across channels and devices. We help you capitalize on advanced analytics and cloud infrastructure to implement a customer-centric value chain.

Talk to Infosys experts and deliver compelling customer experiences by understanding the customer genome, monetizing data, harnessing social sentiment and market intelligence, and empowering your employees.

Read how we amplified the human experience at NRF17

Rethink Retail

In-store Experience, Planogramming, Blockchain

Once the customer walks into the store, these technologies help bring the maximum shopping behavior alive in the customers.


Developed by Infosys, Nia is key to supply chain optimization, helping retailers maximize their supply chain efficiency and minimize supply chain costs.

Brick and mortar, e-commerce and omni-channel retailers partner with Infosys to effect a business transformation. Hear what our clients have to say about our partnership.

Watch what our leaders have to say about the forces shaping the Retail industry in today’s digitally connected world.


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