Amplifying Human Experience at NRF Retail’s Big Show 2017

With a complete guided tour experience, right from designing the life of a retail customer to walking to a store where he would get personalized suggestions based on the life choices he made, an endless aisle experience wearing a HoloLens, and walking away with a cart of a personalized experience, and the knowledge of the back of the house tech, which made the whole experience possible, much like an immersive seamless experience a retailer strives to provide to their customers, the Infosys booth was the hub of all retail things experiential at NRF 2017.

The purchase behavior of the digital natives is being influenced by feedback on social media and price comparison apps. The path to purchase is rapidly shifting across locations, and is being driven by self-realization and personalization. Thus it is imperative for retailers to ‘sense and respond’ to these needs by capitalizing on artificial intelligence, automation, digital technologies, and analytics and deliver immersive shopping experiences.

Infosys helps you rethink your retail strategy for delivering engaging and personalized shopping experiences across channels and devices. We help you capitalize on advanced analytics and cloud infrastructure to implement a customer-centric value chain.

Consumer Genome / Next Best Offer / Associate Apps: All to reach customers, when and where they are, with personalized and targeted offers. Consumer genome helps retailers deliver targeted promotions to customers based on what they are most likely to purchase for themselves or the people they are shopping for by collecting data such as their gender, age, details about their family members, social media info and shopping history amongst other sources. Based on this collection of data, retailers are able to analyze and deliver targeted promotions and recommendations either directly to the customer via email or text messages or to the retail store associate when the customer is with them.

In-store Experience, Planogramming, Blockchain: Once the customer walks into the store, these technologies help bring the maximum shopping behavior alive in the customers. Part of the data that fed into the consumer genome was a consumer’s online shopping behavior – we know what items they look at, how long they spend browsing through various departments, what they put in their cart and if they actually buy it or not. Imagine if you could know all of that same information for when a customer is actually in the store shopping. We do that through in-store analytics. When we know this information, we can then help retailers maximize revenue by increasing impulse buys, and even sending location-based targeted promotions to individual shoppers.

Video Analytics, Replenishment: Infosys video analytics and replenishment tools help stores and supermarkets improve margins by ensuring pricing accuracy and implement smart inventory replenishment. This is done by using a drone that flies through every aisle in the store, capturing information of every product in the store, including pricing and physical inventory. This data is then sent to our AI tool Mana, which analyzes images for pricing accuracy by comparing shelf price to the store price engine and alerts store team members when needed. The images are also used to complete cycle counts and ensure inventory accuracy. This process can also automate inventory replenishment.

NIA: Developed by Infosys, Nia is key to supply chain optimization, helping retailers maximize their supply chain efficiency and minimize supply chain costs.

Skava: Powering up the world of retail with their mobile solutions, Skava showcased their solution – Skava Commerce, a modern, mobile-first, cloud hosted solution that employs loosely coupled architecture that enables brands to create outstanding and well differentiated digital experiences.

Infosys NRF17 Team

Retail Leaders: Dinesh Bajaj, Naresh Ramamurti, Aniket Maindarkar, Amitabh Mudaliar, Kishor Gummaraju

The Experience makers: Anand Balakrishnan, Megan Walling, Karthik Deivarayan

The Experts: Akshay Darbari, Dilip Kolandairaj, Ramesh Lakshmanan, Susan Dunnell, Shashidhar Bommavara Ramakrishnaiah, Subhashis Nath, Kapil Khanduja, Sanjeev Saxena, Shreyans Gautam, Manish Khatri, Ashley Philips, Hanyue Hu, Qian Li, Arun B., Shankar Subraminian, Arun Ramakrishnan, Bhaskar Jayaraman, Hassina Obaidy, Jocelyn Newton, Joseph Fantozzi, Mythri Papolu, Phil Spade, Tammy Bare, Arvind Balasubramanian

The Storytellers: Amelie Simon, Carolyn Griffin, Catherine Gildea, Elizabeth Fernandez, Lauren Dornfeld, Matt Grimm, Olga Shvartsman, Sanja Obradovic, Sonia Petecka, Thomas Sanchez Ubich, Virginia Koran

Marketing team: Amit Deshpande, Priyadarshani Kaul, Rohit Gupta, Sujata Chandekar, Yaminy Sharma, Ashwin Kumar, Lilian Sylvia Dcosta, Lidwin Mendonca, Deeksha, Sudarshan Kumar, Mohan Reddy, Pradeep Hegde, Pankaj Kumar, Capt. Shanthi, Vishwajyoti Bhattacharjee, Navin Rammohan

The Creative Crew: Maria Sadashiv, Sumantra Chaudhury, Sourav Khanna, Kunnath Vidyadhar, Sharan John, Manish Kashyap, Alberto, Jay Akasie, Chandan Dey, Chandrasekaran, Bijoy George