At Infosys, our focus is on building end-to-end industry solutions using SAP technologies, to address industry-specific pain points. We combine the power of best-of-breed SAP products with our depth and breadth of expertise, and an approach driven by solutions and metrics, to deliver measurable business value to clients.

Our domain experts are focused on business processes, enterprise applications, and business transformation, while we invest significantly in creating new offerings that help overcome the challenges faced by most enterprises today.

In line with our focus on vertical solutions, are some of the solutions that we have recently developed across industries:

Industry Showcase

Who could have predicted that risk models, engineering, and algorithmic calculations would today be as common among the oil field as drill bits and lots of mud? The 150-year-old industry is seeing a renewal with Infosys' revolutionary Smart Oilfield Services offering. Your company will realize a reduction in time-to-market, project risk, and cost, and of course, the Infosys advantage: 40 percent reduction in the time taken setup our oil field solution for an SAP ERP as opposed to any other ERP solution.

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A critically important phase in a long, complex, and sometimes cumbersome drug development lifecycle are the clinical trials. Well, it used to be - now, with the Clinical Trial Supply Management (CTSM) solution from Infosys, this vital phase is more efficient and cost-effective than ever before. The CTSM on Cloud solution helps

  • Reduce implementation costs by up to 50%
  • Reduce running costs by 30% - 40%
  • Decrease lead time by 10% -15%
  • Reduce inventory overages by 30% - 40%
  • Shorten the clinical trial cycles by up to 10%

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The modern digital consumers' expectations are high and their patience, often short-lived. Industries such as consumer packaged goods companies want to reach their customers directly, when they're online. The Infosys Direct to Consumer Solution is designed to seamlessly integrate with your existing SAP landscape, reducing your total cost of ownership significantly.

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Frequent cost and time overruns caused by changing requirements throughout the program lifecycle are dampeners during Greenfield SAP implementations. The Infosys Accelerated Chemical Solution Deployment (ACSD) is a unique preconfigured SAP template ideal for chemical corporations with annual revenues of US$1 billion to US$10 billion that addresses the critical part of integration with external systems and data migration from a variety of legacy systems to SAP It can be deployed on both Enterprise HANA on cloud and on-premise SAP installations. This results in clear savings in effort, timeline, and cost, of 30 – 40%, compared to traditional SAP implementations.

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Technology Showcase

Most enterprises today are struggling to draw strength in a timely manner from the vast reserves of information tucked away within their walls. This is where Infosys and SAP HANA (high-performance analytics appliance) can help. Infosys offers solutions around SAP BW, SAP CRM and SAP Business Suite migration, transformation services, and rapid-deployment to speed-up the transition to a SAP HANA in-memory database platform. Alongside our proprietary Value Realization Methodology (VRM™), these solutions help you derive maximum value from your investments in SAP HANA. Further, we are well positioned to offer clients end-to-end, in-memory solutions – right from planning and migration up to analytics and development of new apps for SAP HANA. Our proven global delivery model, coupled with a large pool of in-memory experts, ensures that SAP HANA is an integral part of your business success.


You can have the best business idea on earth - but without the right talent, it remains just an idea. That's why smart companies are turning to Human Capital Management (HCM) domain from Infosys and SAP. This strength is combined with one of the largest pools of Human Capital Management (HCM) domain and package experts that have delivered some of the most impactful HCM success stories across 100+ clients resulting in multi-million $ savings.

Our service portfolio ranges from strategic HCM consulting through the complete package lifecycle, to HR process outsourcing. This ensures that we can support you on your every HCM requirement at an assured success rate of 98.3%. This includes SAP-SuccessFactors HCM, where we are headed to become a strategic partner with SAP in 2015, riding on a number of successful client engagements and close collaboration with SAP-SuccessFactors. We also have solutions pre-built on SAP HCM and SuccessFactors.


Those who are familiar with SAP's HANA technology will not be surprised by the rave reviews, the Simple Finance suite is receiving. What has changed is how the suite relates to your organization - we estimate market size to be 50% of existing SAP customers with a huge growth potential, especially for disparate ECC / finance system landscape based customers across regions and industry verticals.

Until recently, HANA was available as an add-on to existing business suites. Simple Finance is different in the fact that it fully integrates with your existing finance application. Everything about Simple Finance by HANA is designed to streamline the financial transaction processes of even the most complex global enterprise. If, for instance, an organization is maintaining a single ERP environment, it can migrate directly from its traditional SAP ERP Business Suite to Simple Finance seamlessly.


Infosys has partnered with Virtustream for hosting cloud services and have already submitted multiple multi-million deals jointly for SAP Cloud offerings. We are investing on Customer on Cloud, Ariba / hybris, S&OP on Cloud, and ECC on Cloud product suites, and have a vast pool of consultants trained on SAP Cloud offerings. We are also building infrastructure internally, for products like Customer on Cloud.

Additionally, we have created a service offering to help our clients simplify their SAP landscape by harmonization, instance consolidation/using SLO methods, and then bring substantial benefits to TCO reduction by simplifying the SAP landscape on cloud migration. Infosys is a strategic partner of Hybris and has a platform developed on Hybris, to enable businesses maximize sales, deliver a superior customer experience across channels, and reduce customer engagement cost.

Has the user interface of SAP bothered you? Do you find it cumbersome to navigate SAP screens?

SAP Fiori will change the way you have thought about user experience with SAP. Leveraging modern design principles, SAP Fiori provides a role-based experience across all lines of business, tasks, and devices.

Infosys has partnered with SAP for implementing SAP Smart Business & Fiori in the Infosys landscape and has also conducted joint Design thinking workshops on Fiori Applications development with SAP. The Infosys Fiori offerings include:

  • SAP Fiori & Smart Business implementation
  • SAP Fiori & Smart Business Customization
  • Custom develop Fiori like apps, UI5 apps & Custom KPI dashboards

Infosys has a good core of UI5 & Fiori experts backed by an innovative team of UX designers.

Other Collaterals

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