Research Findings

Amplifying Human Potential: Education and Skills for the Fourth Industrial Revolution

Provides insight into a generation that is positive about technology, keen on success-oriented learning, and not entirely satisfied about their formal education.

The study, commissioned by Infosys and conducted by independent research agency Future Foundation, polled 1,000* young people per country, aged between 16 and 25, in Australia, Brazil, China, France, Germany, India, South Africa, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

Contributing toward important debates with political, business and civil society leaders around preparing those who will truly master the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Amplifying the voice of young people can only help amplify their potential.

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Toward a technology-powered, human-led revolution


Talent in the Fourth Industrial Revolution


From Education to Learnability


What impact does schooling have on young people’s career prospects?

How well is the education system preparing people for the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) - Friend or Foe?

What do young people think the impact of AI will be as we enter the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

How do young people learn?

The importance of evolving skills in the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

What do young people want and what do their employers give them?

How is the Fourth Industrial Revolution disrupting talent models.

The gender gap in technology skills remains unresolved

Which countries are best prepared for the Fourth Industrial Revolution.


It’s a Human Revolution

Manage people strategically:

Invest in lifelong learning to constantly evolve skills

Use analytics to spot trends, gaps and issues in skills to act on the insights

Give equal weight to soft and hard knowledge-based skill development

Inheriting Digital Natives

Integrate Technology

Leverage technology as a learning platform AND a way to increase workforce flexibility

Talent Strategies

Exploit the interest and optimism young people have toward technology

An Opportunity for All

Time for change

Ensure the impact of education reaches across social, political and geographical boundaries

Focus on action and change. Let’s take everyone one the journey

Reimagine Education

A new semester

Give equal weight to soft and hard knowledge-based skill development

Break down barriers of Humanities and Science. Business needs both

Drive change across social, political and geographical boundaries. Avoid education have’s and have-nots