What is the pricing strategy of the Infosys Information Platform (IIP)?
IIP pricing is based on the number of nodes used per year. A typical node contains 64GB RAM, 30 cores and 640 HDD. IIP prices include annual maintenance charges that cover:
  • All bug fixes on IIP including the open source distribution by Infosys
  • IIP upgrades and patches
  • Availability of enhancements and additional features that will be built on IIP
IIP provides AMC-level support including upgrades, enhancements and platform-level support.
Yes; we offer an eight-hour free trial that allows you to experience IIP and test our self-help tools to understand how the platform works.
Yes, Infosys supports application-related services over the platform.
Yes. Support subscription is necessary for installations, upgrades, enhancements, and resolution of IIP-related technical issues to ensure disruption-free business continuity.
Support subscription involves installations, upgrades, enhancements, and resolution of IIP-related technical issues.
The combination of IIP and Infosys services delivers cutting edge improvements to enhance performance of businesses across the globe. Infosys is committed to delivering the best solutions for your business problems and providing seamless support for the platform.
IIP has in-built provisioning for your data security and recovery, thereby ensuring there is no downtime or disruption. In case of disaster, the platform will recover your data for smooth business continuity.

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