Unearth insights from the unknown

Are you searching for an analytics platform that provides quick insights from various data sources? Search no further – the Infosys Information Platform (IIP) is based on open data architecture and gives you elastic and rapid data-processing capabilities, better data visualization and intelligent data analytics so you can make faster and more accurate business decisions.

Discover data that improves your top line growth

IIP is an industry-leading data and analytics platform that helps enterprises leverage their data assets for innovation and enhance business growth. The solution integrates easily with proprietary software, allowing you to maximize value from existing investments.

This collaborative platform enables data engineers, data analysts and data scientists to leverage in-depth expertise across business domains and verticals. IIP can be deployed with ease and without vendor lock-in. With IIP, businesses can scale and innovate with better data and newer applications in open source.

Enhance business efficiency with the right tools

Leverage the power of big data with intelligent and user-friendly features. IIP helps enterprises improve security with role-based access controls that include cell-level authorizations. The simplified data management layer helps you understand data better and accelerates the data-insight-action cycle.
IIP is the ideal platform for those enterprises that want to gain real-time insights, get faster business value, stay compliant with updated governance and robust security, and reduce total cost of ownership with high availability.

In short, IIP is where data feeds and analytics tools converge to resolve your big data problems.

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