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Solution highlights

To develop, test and arrive at the optimal probability analytics approach, Infosys focused its knowledge curation efforts on umpire data captured by ATP across all tournaments over the last 12 months and 5 years of the Hawkeye data from the Barclays ATP World Tour Finals.

Leveraging just 2 nodes of 8 Core CPU and 16GB RAM for hardware, IIP was fully equipped to process data volumes of over 240,000 records (12 million data points) in near real-time.

With machine learning, algorithms probability was established and published for various statistics such as speed of shots of each player against each other for both forehand and backhand; point winning shots; winning statistics for players at different surface types; holding statistics of each player at different games;double faults; first serve returns; match points saved;fatigue indexes;serve analysis based on hawk eye data etc.

IIP impact

High probability factors influencing match outcomes were published as insights, in real-time, on for tennis fans all over the world.

IIP based analytics showcased how historical data around player performance, their strengths and weaknesses can be used to predict player behavior, their shot selection and finally the outcome of the match itself.

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