Data Engineers & Analysts

Say goodbye to odd jobs

IIP simplifies tasks for data engineers and analysts by gathering data from various sources and storing it in the native Hadoop environment powered by Spark.

There is more: you needn't worry about cleansing data. IIP understands your data needs and readies it for analysis by leveraging leading open source technologies. Users can refine and customize the data using mathematical and statistical operations, creating different data views, joining data, applying filters, etc. IIP also allows you to create user-defined functions and queries on your data lake across data sets.

Become data 'think-tanks'

IIP provides out-of-the-box visualization tools so you can analyze and visualize your report with third-party tools such as Tableau® and Qlikview. With IIP's in-built data pipeline capabilities, you become faster and more efficient. It helps you sequence, schedule and manage your job execution, perform data modeling operations and analysis and define the data-driven workflows and parameters of your data transformation.

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Data Scientists

Let your insights drive the business

We understand that data scientists yearn to uncover meaning from business data. We also know that data scientists possess diverse skillsets ranging from big data management, data modeling, statistical analysis and predictive modeling to data visualization along with technical expertise in Spark, R, Python, SAS, and Tableau. IIP blends your skills and expertise with its analytics features and simplifies complexity with an open source Hadoop platform that integrates seamlessly with third-party components such as R Studio and Tableau.

Deep-dive into your data

Now, data scientists can provision and access data sets without having to wait for data engineers. IIP hosts data sets that include data from sensors, social media, business applications, and enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems. By integrating with partner tools such as Tableau and built-in HTML5 visualization tools, IIP simplifies collaboration and communication with business teams, thereby accelerating time-to-insights and reducing cost.

Instead of burdening data scientists with the time-consuming task of dusting colossal datasets that are collected from various sources, IIP lets you get instant and actionable insights and derive greater business value faster.

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Business Experts and CIOs

Know your customers better

In today's world the advantage of information becomes obsolete in a matter of seconds. IIP allows you to retain this advantage by deriving actionable foresights in real-time and delivering critical business value.

As the number of customer touch-points increase, gaining insights about customer engagement patterns can be challenging with data streaming in from several diverse sources. With IIP, you can ingest data in real time from these sources and analyze it to drive impactful business decisions. Further, IIP reduces infrastructure cost by utilizing commodity hardware to run big data solutions and meet the needs of an on-demand setup.

IIP addresses the challenge of data security and helps enterprises meet the requirements of security, governance and high availability. You can integrate sensitive data into the analytics environment and get enterprise-level data security using lightweight directory access protocol (LDAP) and Shiro authentication. IIP also grants role-based access control with cell-level authorizations and multi-threading data ingestion and computation.

Make smarter business decisions

IIP leverages open source technologies, thereby reducing the total cost of ownership and avoiding vendor lock-in. It meets the demands of a complete and integrated solution with data ingestion, data modeling, data science, analysis, and visualization capabilities. It accelerates your data-to-insight journey and empowers experts and chief information officers (CIOs) with insights that drive smarter decision-making, thereby delivering a competitive advantage.

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