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Cognitive Intelligence
An independent research report mentions Infosys as one of the service providers creating sophisticated insight platforms
Cognitive Intelligence
Real-time trade data analysis and regulatory reporting for a financial major
Cognitive Intelligence
Predicted unexpected equipment breakdown for a Pharmaceutical Major
Cognitive Intelligence
IIP is featured in '2016 The Future of Open Source' survey report by Black Duck Software
Cognitive Intelligence
Abdul Razack talks about Platforms as a service to build intelligent solutions
Sudipto Dasgupta
Sudipto Dasgupta, AVP, Platforms at Strata + Hadoop World, NY , 2015
“Infosys invested ahead of the curve with its Infosys Information Platform to integrate the wide range of software products and open source software used for big data needs. It now has among the highest number of clients in the industry. The company has accelerated its investment in software products and digital, including big data and services acquisitions. This will provide high visibility for Infosys in analytics over the next years, and Infosys will continue to invest strongly in this area.”

– Dominique Raviart, IT Services Research Director, NelsonHall
"We're delighted with the technology leadership that Infosys has brought to our partnership. What Infosys demonstrated at the Barclays World Tour finals using their open data analytics platform - Infosys Information Platform (IIP) – made tennis so much more exciting for our fans and sport. Analyzing such huge volumes of data to find the right insights that helped deliver in-time foresight into the game was a first for ATP. We look forward to developing many such exciting initiatives, along with Infosys, to help reimagine the experience of tennis for us all."

– Murray Swartzberg, Sr. VP IT and Digital Media, ATP
"At heart, Hershey is a knowledge company. We want to put Consumer, Customer, Market, and Industry understanding at the center of all our decisions. Infosys, our strategic partner, recently shared with us their new Infosys Information Platform (IIP). I am quite impressed with this new capability and especially the speed it offers to organizations like ours, to ingest diverse data sets, and harmonize and link them together to derive insights. We are excited to be engaged with Infosys using IIP to further build our capability to turn diverse data into knowledge and insights."

– Carlos E. Amesquita, Chief Information Officer, The Hershey Company
"In today's new world of work, big data analytics is playing a key role in helping companies make more solid business decisions and better understand their customers. It is enabling companies to increase revenues and reduce costs. Technology is bringing disparate systems together and using the data science to predict buying patterns and equip the sales force with the qualitative data they need to sell more effectively. The Infosys Information Platform is proving to be a great asset for Ricoh's system strategy -- bringing together our Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud technologies. We are beginning to see actionable results delivered at a rapid pace and are looking forward to what's next in our predictive analytics journey together."

– Balaji Rangaswamy, Chief Information Officer, Ricoh Americas Corporation
"As part of the review of our reporting and analytics platform we asked Infosys to show us their capabilities in big data analytics and the ability to deliver a solution quickly. Within two weeks they built a proof of concept based on IIP, their state of the art data analytics platform. The platform is a competitive data analytics solution that Infosys made available quickly and relatively inexpensively. It could be used for any enterprise use case that needs to manage mass volume of data and complex calculations and transformations."

– Christian Bayer, Head of Data and Information, Syngenta
"We needed to establish our Hadoop landscape and extend our analytics and big data capabilities quickly. Partnering with Infosys, we had the landscape up and the data lake seeded for our analysts in less than a week. Using the Infosys Information Platform on AWS accelerated our deployment by weeks, if not months."

– Phil Lerro, Senior Director, Enterprise Information Service, Infrastructure and Workplace Solutions, Hershey’s LLC
“Infosys has demonstrated and contributed with Innovation from a business, technology and leadership perspective to the success of this joint and first Innovation PoC. I would like to state that this PoC is delivering beyond expectations, really pushing our approach to advance our internal Big Data readiness. Business representatives from CRM and Online have clearly acknowledged the potential to operationalize the results and learnings from this first PoC.”

– Ingo Paas, Head of Corporate IT Innovation & Digitization, ICA Gruppen AB
Infosys Positioned in the Winner Circle: HfS Blueprint on Enterprise Analytics Services 2015. IIP was one of the key components presented out here.
"At AWS Marketplace, we are always looking to offer innovative solutions that help our customers harness the power of the AWS Cloud. By making IIP available in AWS Marketplace, Infosys is reducing the cost and complexity of gaining access to powerful, enterprise-class open-source technologies that enable data-intensive enterprises to innovate efficiently for their needs today and in the future. This solution can be deployed in minutes and tested, then purchased."

– Dave McCann, Vice President, AWS Marketplace, Amazon Web Services, Inc.

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Insights development & analytics
Enhancing analytics and insight development capabilities using...
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  • Data extractors
  • Packaging and support
Gaining insights-as-a-service through...
  • Customization, integration and implementation
  • Leveraging business domain know-how and data science

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